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New York City

Type of Events

Providing Everything You Need

Speaker motivazionale

Experience Events

Hear of our guests' rise to the top.

Learn about what led them to pursue their career and what brought them to succeed.

Ask relevant questions and gain invaluable insights that you can apply to your own career path. 

Networking Events

Have one on one chats with professionals working in the most coveted roles in finance and take advantage of their tailor-made career advice.

During your meeting you will be able to deliver your resume to the layman and receive various tips on how to improve it.

Then it will be at the discretion of your interlocutor to decide whether to present your resume directly to the HR of the company from which he comes.

Conversazione commerciale
incontro d'affari

Placement Events

By attending our placement events you shall get an interview with some of the most renowned firms in the world of finance.

These events are not open to everyone, you must apply to FNF by sending your resume and if you are selected you will have the opportunity to have the interview.

Remember that active participation in other types of event is one of the selection elements required to be chosen for placement events.

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